ADEM Reform Coalition

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) was created in 1982 by the Alabama legislature to combine and coordinate the functions of numerous agencies charged with implementing environmental laws in the state. Alabama was among the last states in the country to create an environmental protection agency, and that only occurred at the federal government’s behest.  In the 20+ years after its inception, ADEM has served as little more than a “one-stop” permitting shop.  ADEM’s lax enforcement of permits over the years and failure to collect fines from known violators has made headlines and brought even more negative attention to our state.
In 2002, Mobile Baykeeper along with several other environmental organizations decided to join forces and bring positive change to ADEM.  The ADEM Reform Coalition (ARC) was created with the mission to work to create an agency with the mission, mandate, leadership and capacity to protect and restore the environment, safeguard human health, and ensure environmental justice in accordance with the will of the citizens of Alabama.

The ARC proposes a “Blueprint for ADEM Reform” that focuses on four major problems at ADEM:
1.    Leadership
2.    Enforcement
3.    Funding
4.    Public Participation

Today, the ADEM Reform Coalition boasts 38 member organizations, representing thousands of people from environmental, faith-based, environmental justice, health, rural, consumer, homeowner and social justice groups.
To learn more or become a member of the ADEM Reform Coalition, call our office for more information at (251) 433-4229.