Lunch & Learn: Continuing Your Roadmap to Sustainability

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Lunch items from Cafe 219 are $10. (Add $2 if you would like chicken on your Caesar Salad). If you make a reservation for lunch please pay using the button below. Please call our office at 251-433-4229 if you have food allergies we should know about so we can accommodate you.

Mobile Baykeeper Office. 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

In our next Lunch & Learn on sustainability, we will recap how to build your "Sustainability Game Plan" and explain how we have developed our sustainability initiatives and plan at Mobile Baykeeper. The group will explore in depth what challenges were faced by groups and individuals implementing sustainable practices and what challenges are currently facing those who are just beginning to strive toward a more sustainable business or lifestyle. We will investigate how participants were able to overcome these issues, discuss how individuals were successful with their sustainability measures, and quantify the results of our challenge.  We will take special note of the responses during these discussions to use in future sustainability education. The discussion will be wrapped up by challenging participants to further their efforts and share what they've done and learned with friends and family. 

*We highly encourage anyone to attend that is interested in learning more about sustainability for their personal life or business, regardless whether or not you have attended the previous sessions.