Visionary Society Members

Mr. & Mrs. Sumner and Lee Adams

Mr. Terry Aucoin

Mr. Greg Breedlove

Mr. Tom Burkett

Christ Church Cathedral

Dr. Jim Connors

Mr. and Dr. William & Kathy Cunningham

Mr. W. Allen Cox

Mr. William Cutts

Dr. & Mrs. Bernard & Carolyn Eichold

Great Bear Wax Company

Hiller Companies

Alison Baxter Herlihy, P.C.

Mr. J. Tunstall Inge

Mr. Dennis Langan

Mrs. Katherine Lathan

Lyon Fry Cadden

Mr. Christopher Mayhall

Mr. Ray Mayhall

Mr. Steve & Susan McClure

Mr. Charles Moorehead

Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Karen Myrick

Mr. Andy Newton

Mr. Stan Nolan

Mrs. Sharon Olen

Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Belinda Pittman

Mr. David Rauch

Mr. Rance Reehl

Mr. John Schley Rutherford

Mrs. Jeane Sanderford

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Seawell

Shumer Consulting LLC

Mr. & Mrs. James Shumock

Mr. & Mrs. Riley Boykin Smith

Mr. Steve Springer

Mr. Cooper Thurber

Mrs. Martha Tissington

Councilwoman Debbie Quinn

Mr. Glen and Mrs. Libba Vanderbeek

Mr. Todd Vereen

Ms. Elizabeth E. Walmsley

Ms. Kathy Welch-Cobb

Mr. Melvin Washington

Mr. Marc Whitehead

Mr. John White-Spunner

"In Memory of Peggy White-Spunner"

Mr. Billy and Mrs. Rebecca Williams

Click here to become a member and learn about different membership levels. For more information about becoming a visionary society member, please contact Development Director Justine Herlihy at or call 251-433-4229.