2016 In The News


11/17/16: Environmental Concerns Over Decision to Keep Coal Ash at Alabama Power Plant

11/1/16: "Reclaiming Eslava Creek" Part 3 with Emily Devoe WKRG News 5

9/27/16: Checking out restore project ideas for the gulf coast



8/3/16: Daphne Adopts New Handbill Ordinance

8/24/16: Daphne Ordinance Aimed at Fighting P-R Handbills



7/1/16: Top 10 Things to Do in July

7/1/16: Kudos to Mobile Baykeeper: #ReduceTheUse

7/7/16: Bay Bites Food Truck Festival Coming to Cooper Riverside Park

7/12/16: Bay Bites Food Truck Festival on July 20

7/13/16: Mobile Baykeeper to Host Bay Bites Food Truck Festival

7/13/16: High Water: Mobile Baykeeper Introduces SWaMP

7/13: Mobile Baykeeper Presents: Bay Bites Food Truck Festival

7/13: More than 2 Million Gallons of Sewage Spilled So far in 2016

7/14: Bay Bites Ups the Ante

7/18: Bay Bites Evolves with Downtown Revival

7/19: What Eats Can You Expect at Bay Bites Food Truck Festival?

7/22: Four Bites of Bay Bites Food Truck Festival



6/1/16: Top 10 Things to Do In June

6/1/16: Web Tool Explores Sewer Spills in Coastal Alabama

6/4/16: Grandman Triathlon Packs Fairhope Pier

6/4/16: Lend a Hand:UA Students Raise Awareness for River Conservation

6/13/16: UA Students Kayak for Conservation

6/22/16: Daphne deciding how to levy handbill fines

6/22/16: Press Register Circulars Continue as Litter Issue

6/24/16: Gulf Coast Focus - BP Oil Spill: Where are we now? 

6/30/16: Mobile Baykeeper Presents Bay Bites Food Truck Festival



5/2/16: CreekFest is This Weekend and it's Free! 

5/4/16: CreekFest 2016 set for this Saturday

5/11/16: 12th Annual Grandman Triathlon coming to Fairhope

5/11/16: Reality Check: Lack of Transparency with rail bridge inspections

5/11/16: New App Gives Unique Perspective of Sewer Spills in Mobile/Baldwin Counties

5/12/16: Mobile Baykeeper launches new Sewage Spill Web Tool

5/12/16: Mobile Baykeeper launches new sewage spill explorer web tool

5/18/16: Registration is open for the 12th Annual Publix Grandman Triathlon

5/18/16: Pipeline Company in Mobile Watershed faces criminal charges

5/25/16: Grandman Triathlon helps engage participants with special needs



4/1/16: New Partnership with Mobile Baykeeper

4/1/16: From the Ground to our Water

4/5/16: Impeachment May Crowd Out Big BP Legislation

4/6/16: Opponents Complain Tank Ordinance Done Behind Closed Doors

4/14/16: Sewage Overflows Reported in Mobile County

4/14/16: Upcoming Events: Apple Snail Roundup

4/15/16: Invasive Species Roundup on Saturday

4/15/16: Invasive Species Roundup in Mobile on Saturday

4/16/16: Apple Snail Roundup at Local Parks

4/20/16: Six Years Later: Six Things We Learned from the BP Oil Disaster

4/20/16: BP Money Bill delayed in Alabama Budget Committee

4/22/16: Mobile Baykeeper launches Reduce The Use Campaign


3/7/16: Local neighbors fight barrage of dirt from nearby site

3/21/16: Public Hearing for Storage Tank Zoning

3/21/16: Petroleum Storage Tanks a Heated Topic for Mobilians

3/22/16: Petroleum Storage Tanks Too Industry-Friendly

3/22/16: Public Hearing on New Storage Tanks

3/22/16: Marathon Session sets stage for Council Vote on Tanks

3/22/16: Storage Tank Debate Fills up Council Meeting

3/23/16: Public Hearing on Tanks dominates City Council Meeting

3/23/16: Council Could Vote on Oil Tank Ordinance March 29

3/23/16: Get on Your Bikes and Ride

3/28/16: Mobile City Council Passes Storage Tank Ordinance

3/29/16: Council Approves Ordinance Regulating Storage Tanks

3/29/16: Above Ground Storage Tank Ordinance Passed

3/29/16: Mobile Passes Oil Storage Tank Ordinance

3/31/16: Crepe Myrtle Trail Bike Ride


2/15/16: Mobile Baykeeper Wants You to take their Lenten Litter Challenge

2/17/16: Join Mobile Baykeeper and Take Action on their challenge

2/17/16: Alabama's Water Woes

2/17/16: Lodge at Gulf State Park Moving Forward

2/18/16: Mobile Alabama Business Podcast: Casi Callaway

2/19/16: To Be Inspired by Jamie Bullock

2/20/16: Dog River Park Community Cleanup

2/23/16: Alabama Moving Forward with Gulf State Lodge despite lawsuit




1/7/16: Planning Commission approves new storage tank regulations

1/6/16: Recent Rains may lead to Dog River Litter Trap Adjustment

1/6/16: Fighting Invasive Species and Litter in Three-Mile Creek