Board Member Testimonials


"I am committed to Mobile Baykeeper because this organization proves its commitment to our community every day. Mobile Baykeeper strives to bring people and businesses together to create a healthy, vibrant community."  

- Amy Powell, Treasurer

"I am a part of Mobile Baykeeper because they are the champions for protecting and improving our environment. I donate my time and talents to them because it is a good investment for the future of my children and my grandchildren."

- Ray Mayhall, Board Member

"My family and I give our time and support to Mobile Baykeeper because their mission impacts us all. Our precious environment, the resources and experiences we enjoy because of it, and the economic growth directly influenced by it, are priceless."

- Rebecca Williams, Secretary

"I support Mobile Baykeeper because they get things done. Casi and her staff are results oriented and are out every day in the community putting it on the line for us and our environment."

- Steve McClure, Board Member

"The work of Mobile Baykeeper helps make all of our communities great; great for our economy, great for our environment, and great for our people."

- Debbie Quinn, Board Member

"I am involved with Mobile Baykeeper because I believe in the work of protecting and preserving our water, our air, and our environment. It directly impacts my quality of life, my community's economic viability, and most importantly, my family's health and well being."

- Kellie Hope, Board Member