Fish River Protected From Sewer Line Under River

The Fish River is prone to damaging flooding. Another reason why putting the sewer line under the river would have been a poor decision.

Last month Baldwin County Sewer Service (BCSS) completed work on a new sewer line to connect citizens on the west side of Fish River to existing BCSS sewer lines on the east side of Fish River. Previously, BCSS had applied for a permit to bore the line under the Fish River. This plan by Baldwin County Sewer Service to put a 10” sewage line under the Fish River was opposed by Mobile Baykeeper and many local community members due to the threat of a major undetected spill into the River.

Beautiful Fish River seen from a Kayak near Bohemian Park and County Road 48.

After it became apparent that BCSS intended to go forward with their application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps), Mobile Baykeeper worked with a group of passionate local citizens to coalesce the opposition to the line and ensure that the USACE heard all reasons why the line should not go forward as planned.

After all the facts had been gathered, we asked you to write to the Corps and let them know that the project should not go forward as proposed!

Thanks to the amazing response from the community and comments from Mobile Baykeeper the project was modified. The sewer line that is now in place was "hung" from the County Road 32 bridge, where a break or spill would be obvious and quickly fixed, a WIN for clean water and Fish River community members! With the major flooding of the Fish River occurring recently after Hurricane Nate and again after rains on October 22 we are relieved that the new line is not bored under the river and is in a place where any sewage spill can be easily seen and stopped! 

This victory is clear proof that YOU can affect change! If you aren't already a member we ask that you become one today. Working together we will continue to see victories for Clean Water, Clean Air, and Healthy Communities!

Ready to take action and help us WIN for clean water? Write to Alabama Power to let them know that they shouldn't leave 16 million tons of toxic coal ash on the banks of the Mobile River.