Meet the Intern: Olivia Mott


Meet the Intern: Olivia Mott

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Hi! My name is Olivia Mott.  I am a second-year professional Masters student in marine conservation and resource management at the University of South Alabama.  I am originally from Chicago and fell in love with the water when I was young (though Lake Michigan is much colder than the Gulf). I pursued my passion and studied marine science at the University of Alabama before continuing on at South. I am very passionate about the marine environment and look forward to continuing my work with Mobile Baykeeper! Learn more about me below. 

Name: Olivia Mott

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in marine conservation and resource management at the University of South Alabama. I received my Bachelor's degree in Marine Science/Biology from the University of Alabama.

Hobbies: Playing rugby, reading, swimming, singing, laughing, daydreaming, cooing at baby animals

Nicknames:  I’ve had a lot over the years – Liv, Livy, Liverpool, Liver, Livy-Long-Legs (that one’s 100% my mother’s doing), Applesauce, Olo

Guilty pleasure: Anything sweet, staying up all night reading

Biggest fear: Being alone/forgotten when I’m older

Favorite place you’ve ever visited: It’s a toss-up between Australia and New Zealand.

Three words to describe yourself:  Funny, dramatic (also courtesy of my mother – we’re a dramatic family), peace-loving (I’d win gold if avoiding conflict was an Olympic sport)

Why you wanted to work at Mobile Baykeeper:  My graduate program is a professional master's track. Rather than completing a thesis, I will put together a capstone project based on internship experience with a local non-profit/NGO.  Baykeeper seemed like the perfect fit!