Working for a Clean Water Future

Working for a Clean Water Future

by Casi (kc) Callaway, Executive Director & Baykeeper

Mobile Baykeeper has spent 20 years working for clean water, clean air and healthy communities. We do this by using the rule of law that is already established, working to add law or regulation if there isn’t one in place and encouraging enforcement of the laws that exist. We primarily work at the local level because problems for us happen on the local level – a construction site, a sewage spill, a new oil pipeline through our drinking water supply. That focus still requires strong laws at the local, state, and national level to ensure businesses, industries and individuals have clean water.

Environmental laws are currently under fire and we need your help. While no one likes overly burdensome regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the Departments of Energy, Interior and Commerce all impact our work to protect the Mobile Bay Watershed and Coastal Alabama. Having strong leadership at these agencies creates an important backstop when we don’t have strong protections through local agencies, such as the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Maintaining rules that prevent pollution from entering our waterways, drinking water sources and air are critical and we need you to speak up to ensure their protection.


The EPA is seeking input on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification with the goal of reducing regulatory burden. Congress implemented these regulations because they determined that certain actions that would harm our communities health or pollute our air, land and water and were simply unacceptable and contrary to the national interest- even when it might be financially beneficial or less “burdensome” to continue endangering human health or polluting the environment.

Let the EPA know these regulations are important to protect the public health and our environment!

The vast majority of our community voted for and supports President Donald J. Trump. We did not cast our votes to see a reduction of the laws that ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters throughout the Mobile Bay Watershed and Coastal Alabama. Our members and our community believe strongly that our mission to protect the Mobile Bay Watershed and Coastal Alabama transcends national politics.  We need science based, responsible, appropriate and effective rules, because people and business alike bear the responsibility that comes with utilizing our precious natural resources. We need to encourage our elected officials to carefully consider each vote they make and the long-term impact it could have on our economy, community and environment.

Please take a closer look at the following issues:

·      Maintain the strength and focus of science based decision making on setting regulations that protect the environment and public health;

·      Maintain the Environmental Protection Agency – The agency is critical to ensuring Alabama can respond when permits are needed, granted and (if necessary) violated;

·      Federal grants to fund important research and education opportunities;

·      Coal Ash Regulations that will protect groundwater and rivers from the toxic chemicals and heavy metals associated with decades of burning coal;

·      Pipelines – we need stronger protections for pipelines through critical waterways – especially drinking water – rather than eliminating them;

Our members know that the Coastal Alabama’s waterways are integral to our economic vitality, our community strength and our success. If you think environmental protection laws need to be protected, enhanced and/or strengthened, please consider calling our elected officials and decision-makers. They need to know you support common sense environmental protection.  They need to hear you say you support clean water, clean air, and healthy communities.