Meet the Intern: Madison Seuzeneau

Meet the Intern: Madison Seuzeneau

Hi! I am Madison Seuzeneau. I am a Senior at Spring Hill College studying Public Relations with a minor in Graphic Design. I grew up in the forever sunny Tampa, Florida before coming to Mobile to play volleyball for Spring Hill. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better!

Name: Madison Seuzeneau

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Education: Senior at Spring Hill College majoring in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design

Hobbies:  Anything involving salt water, Cooking, Painting, Reading if I ever have time.

Nicknames: Madie, Mads, Seuz, Seuzie, Seuzie Q, Seuzapalooza, Mad City, the list is endless. 

Guilty Pleasure: Food. Any and all food. 

Biggest Fear: Clowns or Drowning, Its a tie for what is worse 

Favorite place you have ever visited: Croatia (Europe in general)

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy and My Cousin Vinny

Three words to describe yourself: Laid back, Out going, Humorous.

Why you wanted to intern at Mobile Baykeeper: The staff was so welcoming and seemed like such a fun and laid back group who was passionate about what they do. Those values matched up with mine exactly it was like i belonged here.

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