Meet the 2018-2019 Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Program Members

Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Members for 2018-2019: (Front Row L-R): Sarah Asher, Ryann Wilcoxon, Emilee Foster, Jamie Ellis (Middle Row L-R): Braxton Orso, Boris Kresevljak, Jacob Hartley (Back Row L-R): Ellie Mallon, Kassey Trahanas.

2018-2019 AmeriCorps Member Spotlights

Meet the Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Members for the 2018-2019 Program Year. They serve in positions covering three programs: 1) Baykeeper Patrol (Patrol & Monitoring), 2) Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP), and 3) Volunteer and Engagement (Baykeeper AVE). These programs directly support our work for clean water, clean air, and healthy communities and are funded through the Governors Office of Volunteer Services.

Patrol & Monitoring AmeriCorps Members

The Baykeeper Patrol Program researches local pollution problems to improve water quality and reduce impacts from stormwater, sewer, and industrial pollution in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Baykeeper Patrol’s core activities include: conducting site inspections, patrolling local waterways, assisting with comment letters and policy issues, investigating citizen concerns, collecting water quality samples, documenting environmental pollution, and creating environmental issue fact sheets. Baykeeper Patrol & Monitoring AmeriCorps Members are gaining experience with environmental issues including stormwater, sewer, and industrial pollution, state and federal regulations and permit reviews, and acquiring skills in field sampling techniques.

SWAMP AmeriCorps Members

The Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP) is a public awareness and education campaign and citizen-based environmental monitoring program. AmeriCorps Members educate and train citizens to monitor specific waterways so that they are equipped to solve water quality issues in their local watershed. SWAMP AmeriCorps Members’ core activities include: enhancing and tailoring presentation materials, recruiting new community groups and schools to receive the educational program, delivering educational presentations, hosting water quality trainings, and conducting water quality monitor trips and cleanup activities.

Baykeeper AVE AmeriCorps Members

The Volunteer and Engagement Program at Mobile Baykeeper (Baykeeper AVE) seeks potential volunteers and cultivates them to become local environmental stewards by organizing and providing activities that will enhance our local environment and community. Baykeeper AVE’s core activities include: recruit new volunteers, reignite existing volunteers, and organize strategic and effective intervention activities that cultivate a sense of responsibility while building skills for environmental stewardship. Baykeeper AVE AmeriCorps Members organize and host several community cleanups, recycling activities, and invasive species removals for volunteers. They streamline volunteer sign-up and communication processes. In addition, they coordinate and collaborate with local community groups and non-profit organizations to increase overall participation in environmental stewardship activities making a substantial difference in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

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