Swimming Now Officially Cleared for Publix Grandman Triathlon

Swimming Now Officially Cleared for Publix Grandman Triathlon


Swimming is now officially CLEARED for the Publix Grandman Triathlon tomorrow. Our most updated test results from yesterday afternoon's testing AND three test results this week from ADEM, the state environmental agency who we have solely relied on in past years for water quality results, showed bacteria levels within the EPA safe limit for swimming. 

After a high discrepancy in our results vs. ADEM's results throughout the week, we contacted the creator of our testing method (IDEXX Laboratories) who recommended we double check our results with a modified sampling process. After using the method they suggested, our results showed safe levels consistent with ADEM's results. We now believe this week's negative test results were likely caused by harmless, naturally occurring bacteria common in brackish waters like Mobile Bay. 

Mobile Baykeeper is committed to clean water, clean air and healthy communities and we would never risk the health and safety of our racers. After 14 years of hosting the race and 21 years working for clean water and healthy people, you can expect nothing less from us. We would not go forth with the swim portion of the race if we were not fully confident with our results. 

We apologize for the delay and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have. For questions, please contact Race Director Casi (kc) Callaway at grandman@mobilebaykeeper.org or on her cell phone at 251-209-4253. 

Thank you for your patience throughout this process and we are excited for a fun race weekend in Fairhope! We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.