Water Quality Update: Final Swim Course Decision at 5 p.m.

Water Quality Update: Final Swim Course Decision at 5 p.m.

We recently received our test results from yesterday morning and are feeling more optimistic. As a result, we will wait until 5 p.m. to make the official decision. Please keep in mind that your health and safety is our highest priority and we will not make any decision to jeopardize that

We are delaying the decision for two primary reasons:

1) ADEM, the state environmental agency, has tested at the Fairhope Beach three different times this week. Their results from Tuesday and Wednesday were significantly lower than the safe limit recommended by the EPA (which means they show it is safe to swim). We are waiting to receive one more test result from them this afternoon. 

2) As a result of the high discrepancy between our results vs. ADEM throughout the week (due to different testing methods), we contacted the creator of our testing method (IDEXX Laboratories) and they recommended we double check our results with a diluted sample to see if there was any type of harmless bacteria (a.k.a. not poop bacteria) present that was causing our results to be high even if that wasn't actually the case. 

If both of these results come back good, we will do the swim course. If either of these results show high bacteria levels, we will not do the swim course and the event will change to a duathlon. Click here to read the full duathlon plan.

We apologize for the delay and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have. As always, we will make every decision with your safety at the top of our mind. For questions, please contact Race Director Casi (kc) Callaway at grandman@mobilebaykeeper.orgor on her cell phone at 251-209-4253 (We will be at the race site throughout the day tomorrow setting up the race course and will not be available on our office phone).

Thank you for your patience on this and we look forward to a fun race weekend whether we have a triathlon or duathlon. 

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