Will We Swim or Not on Race Day? Here's How We'll Decide

Will We Swim or Not on Race Day?


Today we will make the final decision on whether or not we will go through with the swim portion of the Publix Grandman Triathlon, based on the test results we receive. To better understand our decision making process and efforts to ensure your health and safety, please read our very important message below:

After sampling the water yesterday morning (Thursday, May 31 at 9 a.m.), we contacted the creator of our testing method and supplies (IDEXX Laboratories) and learned that sometimes bacteria that we shouldn't be worried about (a.k.a. not poop bacteria) can cause high results even if that isn't actually the case. One way to show if this is occurring is by diluting the sample. Yesterday, we followed their recommendation to double check our results and took a second set of samples in the afternoon with a diluted sample. 

If our results from yesterday morning's testing have not significantly decreased, we will not have the swim. If they are down from earlier this week, we will then look at ADEM's results from their testing yesterday and our results from yesterday afternoon (with the diluted sample) before making a final decision. If both of these are good, we WILL swim. If either come back high, we will NOT swim. 

We'll give you an update this morning around 10 a.m. with our first round of results from yesterday morning's samples. If they haven't improved, we will call the swim off and the race will be changed to a duathlon. Click here to read the full duathlon plan. 

If they are better, we will let you know the final decision this afternoon (Friday, June 1) around 5 p.m. once we compare them with the other set of results. Racer safety is our number one priority and we will make every decision with that at the top of our mind. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns by emailing grandman@mobilebaykeeper.org or calling Race Director Casi (kc) Callaway on her cell phone at 251-209-4253 (We will be at the race site throughout the day tomorrow setting up the race course and will not be available on our office phone).