Meet the Intern: "GIS Guru" Sarah Asher

Meet the Intern: Sarah Asher

We're excited to welcome Sarah Asher to our team as our GIS intern for this summer. Read more about her below.


Sarah Asher

Hometown: Fairhope 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Geology from Auburn University

Hobbies: lacrosse, tennis, hiking, boating

Nicknames: sasher or sash

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: Iceland

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride

Favorite Downtown Mobile Restaurant: Moe’s BBQ

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Curious, detail-oriented, friendly 

Why you wanted to intern at Mobile Baykeeper: As one of the residents of this beautiful area, I wanted to work with someone that helped to maintain the incredible waterways we have down here while I also pursued work within my field. 


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