Meet the Interns: Owen Utsey

Owen tree.JPG

Patrol & Monitoring Intern

Hometown: Daphne, AL

Education: Senior Geography Major, Geology Minor at University of South Alabama

Hobbies: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Photography, and anything else that is outdoors.

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: The top floor of the World Trade Center Towers two years before they were knocked down.

Biggest Fear: Trypanophobia

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream

Favorite Downtown Mobile Restaurant: Pizzeria Delphina

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Energetic, enthusiastic, and personable

Why did you want to intern with Mobile Bay keeper? I chose to intern with Mobile Baykeeper because a lot of things that I enjoy in my free time, Mobile Baykeeper does on a daily basis. As a Patrol and Monitoring intern, I get to work outdoors to take water quality samples for SWIM, pick up trash in local areas and record the data. Most importantly, we protect the local waterways based off of citizen concerns to ensure that Mobile and Baldwin counties are living, healthy lifestyles for our environments.