Lagoon on Dauphin Island Threatened

Dauphin Island is a charming town nestled between Mobile Bay and the Gulf. Many call the island and its spectacular scenery and breathtaking sunsets home. More still feel the magnetic call to come back year after year, to relax on its beaches, spy rare birds, and catch dinner out of the Gulf. As this fragile island continues to develop we must make thoughtful decisions to ensure the treasured heritage of the island is passed on for future generations to enjoy.

The planned development would put condos, 180+ boat slips, a parking lot, and a marina on top of the current undeveloped wetlands and water bottoms at the entrance to the island. Photo by Cade Kistler Flight Provided by Southwings.

Currently a proposed development threatens important wetlands and tidal marsh on the island. The developer plans to build condominiums, and a large commercial marina in Aloe Bay. This project, planned on a fragile undeveloped shallow bay, will destroy wetlands and fill in water bottoms home to several important species. After reviewing the proposal and talking with community members, Mobile Baykeeper is urging the Corps to DENY this proposal.

We sent the Corps our concerns. Mainly, we believe that the harm to Dauphin Island and the community resulting from this project is greater than any benefits it would bring.

Before this development can go forward, the Corps has to decide if this project is in your interest. Below we have summarized the reasons why we believe the project is not in the public's interest. If you are concerned with the impact of this project, the Corps needs to hear from you. Please take action and submit comments by 5pm, Thursday November 1st. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to send a letter we’ve drafted that summarizes the concerns we have with the project or use the bulleted list below to write your own letter.

Our Main Comments Include:

Figure 3 – Outline of the historic satellite imagery from 2005 shoreline is compared to the proposed project

  • Dauphin Island is a fragile environment, containing nurseries and spawning grounds that are important for many species we love to fish and eat. The proposed project would dredge nearly eight acres and fill in nearly 1/2 of an acre of water bottoms. These actions will harm these areas and the species that rely on them.   

  • The project proposes to fill wetlands. Wetlands are a natural sponge, soaking up floodwaters; during large storms they serve as a natural barrier against wave energy, keeping houses and roads protected from storm surge. This is especially important on Dauphin Island so beaches, condos, houses, restaurants, and roads are kept intact for future generations.

  • The project also has several indirect impacts. With a new condominium complex and marina, increased auto, boat, and foot traffic will occur on the island. We want to see these impacts recognized and minimized.

**For these reasons, Baykeeper believes this project is not in the best interest of the public and calls for its denial by the Corps. We also suggest the Corps host a public hearing to allow all voices to be heard.

You can send your comments using the form below, by emailing Ms. Leslie Turney U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or by mail at USACE, Mobile District, Regulatory Division, Attention: Ms. Leslie E. Turney, Post Office Box 2288, Mobile, Alabama 36628-0001, with a copy to the ADEM, Coastal Section, 3664 Dauphin Street, Suite B, Mobile, Alabama 36608. Comments must be received by 5:00 PM on Nov 1.

Our full comments on the Aloe Bay Project are below.

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