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Important Meeting on the Deepening and Widening of the Mobile Ship Channel - Come Prepared!

The Army Corps of Engineers is hosting a public meeting on the proposed deepening and widening of the Mobile Harbor Ship Channel on Sept. 11th. Check out these talking points so you can come to the meeting prepared. Your attendance is important!

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Mobile Baykeeper Submits Comments on Road Projects Affecting Wetlands

Mobile Baykeeper recently commented on two road projects proposing to fill wetlands and negatively impact local streams. Across Coastal Alabama, we have lost many of our wetlands and streams due to irresponsible growth, which is why we need you to take action. 

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Mobile Baykeeper Comments on Millard Maritime Expansion Activities

Citizens living on Hollinger's Island are concerned about current operations at Millard Maritime. Concerns include the facilities storage of up to 40,000 tons of fertilizer on the site and the potential for the fertilizer to impact nearby air and water quality.

The facility now plans to expand those operations. Mobile Baykeeper has submitted comments on behalf of our board, officers, staff and more than 4,500 members regarding two separate permits for the expansions proposed by Millard Maritime.

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Mobile Baykeeper Comments on Proposed Roll-on Roll-off Berth and Terminal Dock Structure on Mobile River

This proposed project will not fill any wetlands, which is a major improvement. That being said, the current application still proposes to fill 9.25 acres of waterbottoms, dredge 34,800 cubic yards, and install more bulkheads on Mobile River.

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