Become a Citizen Scientist

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Water Quality Monitor Training

We train and certify volunteers as water quality monitors using Alabama Water Watch's (AWW) EPA-approved methodology. Monitors choose a site on a local waterbody and begin monitoring at least monthly. They upload monitoring results into the Alabama Water Watch database and into the Water Rangers web tool, ensuring that data on water quality trends are available to everyone. If poor water quality or pollution problems are identified, Mobile Baykeeper will work with the monitor(s) and relevant stakeholders to find a solution.


Muddy Water Watch

Stormwater runoff is a major threat to our streams, rivers, and Bay. As development has taken place in Mobile over the years we have replaced grass, wetlands, and vegetation with pavement. This has caused a dramatic decrease in surfaces that allow water to infiltrate. Muddy Water Watch (MWW) is a state-wide education program training volunteers to monitor for stormwater runoff from construction sites. We train volunteers to identify when systems are working properly and how to report problems to contractors and/or enforcement agencies when problems persist. Growth can be both good for our economy and protective of our environment and communities. Development should never come at the expense of our natural environment or cause flash flood events.


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