Fowl River Chapter

The Fowl River Chapter is comprised of residents of south Mobile County living within the Fowl River Watershed. The residents initially came together to discuss concerns related to proposed developments and other construction activities that posed negative impacts on Fowl River. Local residents have always helped Mobile Baykeeper keep a close eye on the area by addressing issues ranging from new and growing chemical plants to on and off shore LNG terminals. Today there are new concerns, and the very active community members have worked diligently to insist upon planned and responsible development. With the addition of city sewer, the possibilities for growth are abundant, and there is an even greater need to carefully plan for that growth.

Chapter members will be the eyes and ears of the organization, giving us a heads up when problems arise and adding a layer of oversight. Together we will identify, evaluate and address threats to the biological, cultural and economic components of the conservation of the river and its riparian areas, promote the best management practices and environmentally sensitive development including waste water and stormwater management, as well as protect Mobile Bay as a consequence. The Fowl River Chapter’s mission will emphasize maintaining the natural beauty and biological integrity of Fowl River by preserving and protecting its pristine water quality, ecosystems and riparian areas.Together, we will be partners on and around the river watching carefully to ensure we continue to protect the area’s quality of life, high property value, historic and cultural integrity, rich diversity of aquatic and wildlife habitats.

To become a member or make a donation to the Fowl River Chapter of Mobile Baykeeper, click the link below.