Litter in Mobile Bay

Litter is a major threat to the health of our waterways. Trash discarded on the street and in parking lots washes down storm drains and straight into our local creeks, streams, and rivers. This litter chokes wildlife, harms local fish populations, diminishes property values, and costs Alabama taxpayers millions of dollars a year to clean up.


Litter Statistics

  • Over 51 billion pieces of litter appear on U.S. roadways each year. Most of it, 46.6 billion pieces (91%), is less than four inches.

  • Tobacco products comprise roughly 38% of all U.S. roadway litter. Paper (22%) and plastic (19%) are the next largest contribution.

  • Packaging comprises nearly 46% of litter 4 inches and greater. This includes fast food, snack, tobacco, and other product packaging.

  • Most roadway litter—76%—appears to originate from motorists and pedestrians. Individual actions by motorists (52%), pedestrians (22.8%), improperly covered trucks and cargoloads (16.4%), and other behaviors are the source of roadway litter.

  • Most non-roadway litter is found at “transition points.” These are at or near entrances to buildings.


Report Litter

In 2017 alone, ALDOT said it spent $6.8 million to clean up trash on roadways across Alabama.

To report littering in Mobile using AT &T wireless dial 311. Others may call (251) 208-6025 OR (251) 574-7867. Please leave the following on the voice mail:

  • Vehicle tag number

  • Brief description or model of vehicle

  • Litter came from driver, passenger or the back of a truck

  • Location/intersection

  • What was tossed

They will send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle informing them that they had broken the law and that, if an officer had witnessed the act, a ticket for $432 (fine and court costs) could have been issued. Click here for the City of Mobile’s Litter FAQs.

To report litter in Fairhope, you can call the City of Fairhope Environmental Officer at 251-990-0192 or email them here.

There are no official ways to report litter in other Baldwin County communities. Did we miss one? Please email to let us know.


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