2015 In The News



12/30/15: New Year's Resolution: Race in the Grandman Triathlon

12/23/15: Mobile Baykeeper's Mantra: Take the First Step

12/3/15: Oil spill money to help provide access point to Mobile Bay

12/1/15: Africatown Residents blast oil storage plans


11/13/15: City of Mobile drops Lawsuit against Arc Terminals

11/10/15: Calendar of Events: Bay Bites

11/8/15:  Mobile Baykeeper protects the watershed from oil spills, sewage, even frozen chickens

11/8/15: Waterkeepers of Alabama: Local activists show green message can work in red state


10/22/15: Bay Bash celebrates new projects in Mobile County

10/13/15:  Mobile Baykeeper gifted $25,000

10/10/15: Apple Snail Roundup at Langan Park

10/10/15: Apple Snail Picking is good for the Environment

10/10/15: Apple Snails Threaten Local Ecosystem

10/6/15: Meet AL.com's 2015 Women Who Shape the State


9/15/15: Where does Alabama's water go? 

9/9/15:  Controversy continues over EPA Water Rule

9/3/15:  Budget proposals puts industry on hook for shortfall

9/2/15: New EPA Water Rule in effect despite lawsuit


8/14/15:City of Mobile seeks injunction against Arc 

8/13/15: Who's monitoring riverfront tanks?                            

8/6/15: Forever Wild Land Trust Program funding in jeopardy


7/30/15: Baykeeper Director Wins Gulf Guardian Award

7/24/15: Storage Tanks cause concern among residents

7/23/15: Mobile engineering firm selected to design I-10 River bridge

7/23/15: Mobile engineering firm awarded I-10 Bridge Project

7/22/15: Exclusive Poll: Share State BP Money with Coast

7/20/15: New Litter Trap Put to Test

7/17/15: New Litter Removal Project Means Less trash in waters

7/16/15: Poll Shows voters want money spent on environment

7/12/15: Alabama Gulf Coast Leaders sift through BP settlement confusion

7/10/15: Big Oil Wins Again: Why BP isn't sweating over Oil Spill Settlement

7/8/15: Enforcement Questioned as litter continues to flow through the city

7/8/15: Bay Bites Food Truck Festival Wednesday Night

7/8/15: Environmentalists, Mayor React to BP Settlement



6/23/15: Large construction poses threat to Dog River

6/26/15: Big Creek Oil Pipeline

6/10/15: Council accuses Stimpson of playing "political games" with park proposals

6/10/15: Environmentalists seek more transparency


5/30/15: 2015 Grandman Triathlon makes a splash

5/30/15: 7 Year Old Leads the Pack During Grandman Triathlon

5/30/15: Hundreds of Racers Compete in Grandman Triathlon

5/26/15: GOMESA revenue sharing program could be tapped for 1-10 Bridge Project

5/13/15: Dream of path from Langan Park to Dog River coming to reality

5/6/15: CreekFest to focus on greenway, restoration efforts


4/29/15: Mobile Handbill Law Passed but Circulars Will Keep Coming

4/29/15:  7 Fun Things to Do in Mobile This Weekend

4/23/15:  Baykeeper supports preserving wetlands on site of proposed soccer complex

4/23/15:  Future Plans: 12-mile trail along Three Mile Creek


3/31/15: Council Committee Recommends Approval of Tweaked Handbill Ordinance

3/25/15: Keep Your Sad Sacks Off My Lawn

3/19/15: Oil Tank Subcommittee Discusses Ordinance Changes

3/11/15: Baykeeper Pushing to Help Stop Unwanted Press-Register Ad Circulars


2/26/15: Mobile bay NEP seeking public input about fowl river

2/26/15: Mobile Bay NEP Seeking Public Input About Fowl River

2/26/15:  Mobile's Proposed handbill ordinance pits litter, stormwater conerns

2/4/15: Mobile Takes Aggressive Steps To Stop Mardi Gras Trash


1/27/15: Kiwanis Club to Hold meeting on above ground oil storage tanks

1/14/15: Mobile Baykeeper Presents Bringing Back the Bay

1/10/15: Mobile Baykeeper Seeks Ideas

1/8/15: Green Groups Collaborate on Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Conservation Funding after BP Oil Spill