Muddy Water Watch

Dirt is the most common pollutant in America’s waterways. When it rains, mud flows from poorly protected construction sites, logging activities and farms into our streams and rivers. Silt spells suffocating death for the plants and wildlife in our streams and costs taxpayers an estimated $16 billion every year.

As a member of the Muddy Water Watch team, you can help. Become a certified Muddy Water Watcher, or simply upload photographs of problem construction sites in your neighborhood. Your images will help us show the widespread impacts dirt is having on our nation’s lifeblood and help ensure clean water for future generations.

Muddy Water Watch (MWW) is a state-wide education program training volunteers to monitor for stormwater runoff from construction sites. Volunteers will be trained to identify when systems are working properly and how to report problems to contractors and enforcement agencies when there are problems.

Alabama will continue to experience increased growth and development. Trained Muddy Water Watchers can ensure that this growth respects our state's natural resources by helping our understaffed state agencies monitor construction activities. Together we can stop mud from polluting our treasured waterways. 

Do you want to learn more about Muddy Water Watch? We would be happy to give a presentation for you or your organization. Please contact Program Director Cade Kistler at for more information about our Muddy Water Watch program.