Our Approach

We research issues throughly so we understand the nuances of how any issue affects our environment, community, and economy. We monitor and investigate relevant parties to ensure they are held accountable when necessary, and always work with stakeholders to find solutions that work for our area. We then educate and engage citizens so they can take an active role in this process and understand how to protect the health of their local communities and environment.

Research Potential Issues

We conduct in depth research to gain a full understanding of every issue we work on. We are a knowledgeable resource on issues that affect our environment, economy and community. We are  dedicated to protecting the Mobile Bay Watershed and Alabama's coastal communities and waterways. To do this we hold individuals, businesses, and government agencies accountable by ensuring proper monitoring and enforcement of environmental permits and by speaking on behalf of our natural resources.

Collaborate For Solutions

We actively seek solutions to provide citizens with clean water, clean air, and healthy communities. As a result, we collaborate with government, businesses, environmental organizations and community members to solve problems affecting our region. This collaboration allows us to share the results of our research and ensure that we are working together with all relevant stakeholders to find solutions to any problems we discover.

Educate & engage the Community

Once we have a thorough understanding of an issue and have worked with all relevant stakeholders to determine solutions we work to educate the community on the issue so they can be informed and have an active role in resolving issues and protecting the health of their communities and integrity of our local environment. An educated and engaged citizenry is the key to long term protection of our areas environment.