Our Partnerships


100 - 1000: Restore Coastal Alabama

The goal of the 100-1000: Restore Coastal Alabama Partnership is to build 100 miles of living shoreline and plant and promote 1,000 acres of marsh and seagrass. 100-1000 has currently built nearly 5 miles of living shoreline. The two largest volunteer based projects are at Helen Wood Park at Dog River in Mobile, and at Pelican Point in Fairhope.  

Mobile Baykeeper is involved because we believe that the BP Oil Disaster, our nation’s largest environmental disaster, should be answered with Alabama’s largest environmental restoration project. Our founding partnership – The Nature Conservancy, Alabama Coastal Foundation and the Ocean Foundation – undertook the Hellen Wood Park project in January of 2010 making it the first restoration project post-BP Oil Disaster. 

ADEM Reform Coalition

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM)'s lax enforcement of permits over the years and failure to collect fines from known violators has made headlines and brought even more negative attention to our state. In 2002, Mobile Baykeeper and several other environmental organizations joined forces to bring positive change to ADEM. The ADEM Reform Coalition (ARC) was created with the mission to create an agency with the mission, mandate, leadership, and capacity to protect and restore the environment, safeguard human health, and ensure environmental justice in accordance with the will of the citizens of Alabama. Today, the ADEM Reform Coalition boasts 38 member organizations, representing thousands of people from environmental, faith-based, environmental justice, health, rural, consumer, homeowner and social justice groups.

Alabama Stormwater Partnership

The Alabama Stormwater Partnership was formed in June 2007 at the Alabama Stormwater Summit in Birmingham, AL as a way to organize watershed groups and individual citizens to enact policy change in Alabama through improvements in stormwater law, regulations, and enforcement across the state. Mobile Baykeeper is a founding member and primary coordinator of the Partnership's work. Since its formation, the Partnership has continued advocating for stronger oversight by regulatory authorities by meeting with officials at EPA, ADEM, and local governments as well as providing comments to those agencies on stormwater regulations currently under revision. Members of the Partnership are also heavily involved in educating citizens, developers, and politicians on the problem stormwater pollution poses, primarily focusing on sources of sediment pollution in our waterways and finding ways to stop it, including Muddy Water Watch and Low Impact Design training.

Alabama Renewal Group

As Alabama receives restoration funding through the RESTORE Act and other recovery monies, we have a chance to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support projects that will safeguard our natural resources, strengthen our industries and protect our communities from future disasters.

The Alabama Renewal Group is working to create a community vision for restoration that contains local business and community leaders’ ideas and priorities in order to direct restoration dollars toward projects on the Alabama coast.  Our partnership is committed to effective ecosystem restoration and protection in Alabama to create a healthy environment, a strong economy and safe communities.

Coastal Alabama Stormwater Team

The Coastal Alabama Stormwater Team (CAST) is made up of area municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies that are committed to reducing stormwater pollution. The Create A Clean Water Future campaign was launched to teach citizens about the links between litter and pollution in our waterways.