Plastic Free Gulf Coast

Plastic Free Gulf Coast works in the five Gulf Coast States to stop single-use plastic before it hits our waterways, by raising awareness and creating a larger market for alternative products. A larger goal for the movement is to build a green economy on the Gulf, including manufacturing and closed-loop systems like industrial composting. A green economy would provide access to plastic alternatives and create jobs while ensuring the legacy of the Gulf endures for future generations. Plastic Free Gulf Coast is a growing partnership and collaboration of residents, businesses, municipalities, and community members, and is built on the idea that going Plastic Free is a process. Plastic Free Gulf Coast hopes to inspire and build on small changes that eventually become part of people’s lives and the economy. The map to the right shows all the current restaurants participating in the movement!

Want to learn more about going Plastic Free? Please email Elizabeth Englebreston at and follow Plastic Free Gulf Coast on Facebook.

Progress in Mobile

Mobile Baykeeper is the primary partner for Plastic Free Gulf Coast in Mobile. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

OK Bicycle Shop’s Plastic Free Happy Hour:

One of downtown Mobile’s staple restaurants is the local favorite OK Bicycle Shop. In the summer of 2019 we partnered with the owners of OK Bike shop and Plastic Free Gulf Coast to put on the first ever entirely plastic free happy hour. All drinks were served with paper straws, and we had free reusable tote bags to hand out to diners.

Bay Bites:

For our 2019 Bay Bites food truck festival, we partnered with Plastic Free Gulf Coast to try to make our event as plastic free as possible. With their help, we were able to transition to napkins made entirely from recycled materials, forks and knives made from PLA (biodegradable plastic made from corn starch), and paper food trays.