We know that plastic waste is a problem here in Alabama because we are the ones cleaning it up.

Alabama Senators are proposing Senate Bill 244 while House Rep. Ledbetter is proposing the identical HB346, which would prohibit local communities from making decisions about how best to deal with plastic waste. This bill is an overstep by the state government into local communities' rights that will have a negative impact on our economies and natural resources.

When plastic waste enters our waterways, it damages our fisheries and negatively impacts our state's natural beauty. Alabama's outdoor recreation industry has a $10.4 billion economic impact, which will absolutely suffer if communities are not allowed to exercise their own judgement and take action to limit dangerous and unsightly plastic waste.  

Every community in Alabama has different needs, and a one-size-fits-all ban from the legislature robs us of our independence and ability to solve local problems. We want to ensure that we can make our own decisions in our best interest.